WR – Chapter 261-263: Suffering of the Fire capital

A massive army of monsters was heading towards the Fire capital, Muspelheim.

Receiving this information, all of the members of the Ignis Militant corps immediately prepared for battle.

I as the fire hero, Katack Mirack, obviously had to stand at the frontlines, so I was heading to the defensive line that was made in the estimated route of the monsters.

“The army of monsters is around 7km away from Muspelheim and are heading straight towards us.”

“We are currently at a 2km distance from Muspelheim. The Founder ordered that we should consider this as our last defense line and to desperately protect it.”

That means if the monsters pass this line, they will invade the Fire capital huh.


“Just seven kilometers?! Are you telling me the lookouts didn’t notice them until they were so close?!” (Kyouka)

Sis Kyouka, who had accompanied me, asked a question that was basically a reprimand.

Sis had returned to her post as a previous hero, so she has a status on the same level as me in terms of battle strength.

“About that…according to the report of the lookouts, they said that monsters suddenly began appearing from the plain out of nowhere!!”

“The total of monsters is at a glance around 500. Moreover, they are apparently increasing in numbers as they advance. At this rate, by the time they reach the city, there’s the chance that the numbers will have increased to the thousands!”

Sis Kyouka and I were doubting our ears at the report of the fire militant.


Monsters popping out from nowhere? I have never heard of that before!

But until Haine told us about the Mother Monsters being the source of the monsters, it had been a mystery as to where the monsters came from after all.

Trying to measure the Demons with the common sense of humans is a plain waste of time.

“…Understood. What’s the current damage?” (Mirack)

“Fortunately…the place where the monsters popped out(?) from was faraway from the rural area of Muspelheim and there were no travellers, so there hasn’t been any casualties.”

“For now, we have made a number of fire militants fly around in their flying machines to notify of the danger to the settlements. With this, there shouldn’t be anyone mistakenly wandering there!”

Okay, that’s fine then.

Now then, what’s left is to do something about that army of monsters!

“At any rate, it is for certain that the monsters are heading to Muspelheim.” (Mirack)

Monsters attacking humans is an instinctive nature of them.

“If we allow them to invade Muspelheim, there will definitely be casualties, moreover, there will be many. We will make sure not a single monster reaches Muspelheim. Even at the cost of our life, don’t let a single monster in!!” (Mirack)


My speech made every single one of the fire militants in the area heated up.

Looks like there’s plenty enough spirit here.

As expected of the best elites in the church -the Ignis Militant corps!

“Well then, we will begin acting! Relay this to all members! We will go forward and confront the monsters!” (Mirack)


“But Onee-sama, if the other side is heading towards us, wouldn’t it be better to confront them from this defense line?!”

Braidley and Glassfin, from the group of three girls that accompanied us, asked me.

“It is true that in terms of tactics, that’s exactly the case -but the enemy is heading here as they increase their numbers. In that case, the longer the time we take till the confrontation, the more enemies will appear, and it will become more difficult to defeat them.” (Mirack)

“…I see. That’s true.”

Firey seemed to have been convinced by this and the talk advances.

“Therefore, we will go at our fastest speed towards them, begin the battle with the monsters as fast as possible, and wipe them out……. Sis Kyouka.” (Mirack)

“Yes?” (Kyouka)

“Please join me in subjugating them. Let’s not be stingy and settle this battle as soon as possible.” (Mirack)

“Understood! Decisive swift attacks are the specialty of the Ignis Militant corps! Let’s remind the whole world the strength of our roaring flames!!” (Kyouka)

It’s been a while since I have seen this part of her.

The battlefield is where a hero truly burns. That’s how I should be as well.


“We are obviously going to accompany you!!”

“…All for one, one for all.”

Braidley, Glassfin, and Firey were breathing roughly, but I changed my view here and…

“You will be staying here.” (Mirack)


I mercilessly said this.

“Why, Mirack-oneesama?! We are Onee-sama’s personal guards!!”

“Are we not strong enough to strengthen the sides of Onee-sama?!”

“…Lacking in strength.”

They clung onto me as if they were puppies about to be abandoned by their mother.

“Geez, don’t get flustered. Properly use your brains.” (Mirack)


This time’s monsters are a mystery and it kind of lets out an unpleasant atmosphere.

“In the first place, monsters popping out from nowhere is unheard of. Until that mystery has been solved, I can’t say anything conclusive about how this battle will unfold.” (Mirack)


“That’s exactly why we should prepare for whatever happens and leave a part of our fighting force in our last line of defense. You people should also join that. And then, prepare for any sudden events and get an understanding of the mystery from a point where you can view the whole battlefield.” (Mirack)


At the very least, they are an understanding bunch.

Right now time is of essence, so it helps that they are obedient.

“Then, please report our plans to Founder-sama through the wireless transmission, and after that, give an urgent message to the other Churches as well, tell them our situation, and if possible, request for reinforcements. But I will leave the decision to Founder-sama.” (Mirack)


The three girls give out an energetic response.

With this, everything that had to be spoken has been done.

Now all that’s left is to assault the enemy lines.

“Hey, what are you taking your time for. Let’s go, Mirack!” (Kyouka)

Looks like Sis Kyouka is plenty spirited.

“There’s no need for reinforcements. By the time the light and water people get here, let’s welcome them with a plain filled with the corpses of monsters! With that, we will show them the strength of the Fire Church!” (Kyouka)

When monsters die, they don’t leave corpses though.

Oh well, it looks like Sis Kyouka still has her fangs, and as her junior, that’s reassuring.

Now then, with the joint assault of the current and previous heroes, let’s wipe out the monsters as always!!

  • 262: It means death

And so, leaving a number of fire militants and choosing only the quick-footed ones, we lead the charge…by running.

“Prompt decision and quick to carry out. What are you aiming for with this speed-centered formation, Mirack?” (Kyouka)

Sis Kyouka was running parallel to me without losing breath.

She will definitely be the most reliable fighting force in this battle.

“The monsters are increasing their numbers on their own…that’s the part of the report that I am bothered by. There hasn’t been an abnormality like that before.” (Mirack)

Until Haine revealed the existence of the Mother Monsters, it had been a world mystery where the monsters came from. And yet, that mystery was occurring as they approach us.

“But according to the information that the Churches share, those so called Mother Monsters don’t exist anymore, right?” (Kyouka)

“The conclusion reached is that we should think of it in that way.” (Mirack)

Raphael was the first Demon Lord humanity encountered, and it was born in exchange of the life of the Wind Mother Monster. And that was properly witnessed by Haine, Karen, and the others.

If the Demon Lords can’t be born without the sacrifice of their Mother Monsters, in this current state where the Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind Demon Lords are all lined up, it would be weird for the Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind Mother Monsters to not be wiped out because of it.

“Then…it means that if we push through here, there won’t be anymore monsters!” (Mirack)

If that were really the case, the human side would be cheering.

Even if the Demon Lords are powerful, they can’t maintain the life of a race by themselves. Monsters will end up being a race that will go extinct.

“But I don’t think that things will be going so smoothly.” (Mirack)

“True. The monsters have surely found a new way to reproduce!” (Kyouka)

If that wasn’t the case, there’s no way they would challenge humanity for the superiority of race.

“So that means the answer might be in our destination huh!” (Kyouka)

“Might be, but right now…!” (Mirack)

It is now in view!

Fire element monsters that were covering the wide plains.

Horse type, goat type, bird type, wolf type, monkey type monsters, and there are also types that had combinations of those.

The trait of Fire element monsters is that they have the shape of birds or mammals, and their hair flickers like fire.

“We are getting the first strike! Let’s go, Mirack!” (Kyouka)

“Got it!!” (Mirack)

Sis Kyouka and I sprint without losing speed and charge towards the horde of monsters.

“Fire fist, Barbarossa!” (Mirack)

“Right fire fist, Fernando! Left fire fist, Pelarius!” (Kyouka)

The current and previous heroes prepare with their fire divine weapons. And from there, it was released at the same time…

““[Flame Burst]!!””

Giant fire dragons quickly engulfed the fire monsters.

The monsters were unable to endure the fire we released and turned into ashes inside of it.

We are fire element and our opponents are fire element too; against the same element, the one with the strongest energy wins.

Even so, the numbers are at the very least 500.

Obviously a single round of Flame Bursts wasn’t enough. There were many remaining.

We simply sparked the flames of battle.

Only a small part of the enemy lines was burned down, and the fire militants rush to the opened line of the enemy that was created.

“[Heat Knuckle]!” “[Heat Knuckle]!” “[Heat Knuckle]!” “[Heat Knuckle]!” “[Heat Knuckle]!” “[Heat Knuckle]!” “[Heat Knuckle]!” “[Heat Knuckle]!”

The shouts of techniques reverberate in the area.

The battle has begun.

A jumbled scuffle between humans and monsters was taking place.

“Mirack! This is…!” (Kyouka)

Sis Kyouka and I spearhead deep into the enemy lines while protecting each other’s back.

We heroes are basically the core of the army. We have to lead as much as possible and create chaos in the horde of enemies.

“Yeah, every single one of them is a fire element monster! To think that there would be an organized horde of the same element! What’s with this family tour?!” (Mirack)

“I don’t remember opening a sale with preferential treatment for monsters of my same element!” (Kyouka)

We were burning down all the goats and wolves that came attacking us.

In the end, they are small fry monsters.

Sis Kyouka has fought thousands of them and has never lost to the likes of them, and I have experience fighting giant monsters and Mother Monsters, so I don’t feel like I could lose to enemies like this.

“At any rate, right now we have to concentrate on wiping out the enemy! Let’s spearhead as we are now and separate the enemy, and then make an U turn just like that and continue to separate the horde even more!” (Kyouka)

“By doing that, the separated monsters can be easily defeated by the fire militants, right?! Understood!!” (Mirack)

As expected of a veteran like Sis Kyouka. She is accustomed to armies of monsters.

“The ones that want to be burned, come at us! The fire heroes are here!” (Kyouka)


Right now, I should be the one saying that though!

The moment I thought about quickly wrapping this up and was advancing more and more…!



I was suddenly hit by something and was sent flying together with Sis Kyouka.

It felt as if I had hit a hot wall.

What was that? What did we impact on?!

“Ouch… What in the world? Uwa?!” (Mirack)

“What’s the matter, Mirack? Did you see anything weird…wa?!” (Kyouka)

Sis Kyouka and I looked in front and stiffened.

Spacing out in the battlefield is something that you shouldn’t do for any reason, but even the battle-hardened Sis Kyouka had made that beginner mistake.

Looking at the one in front of us, no matter what strong expert it is, they would tremble.

A man big like a mountain. We had collided with him and Sis Kyouka and I were send flying.

It is true that we both are women and we are physically lighter, but even if that’s the case, we are heroes that have been trained, and our rushing strength is not on the level of a normal person, and yet, he repelled both of us at the same time.

A big body that no matter if you describe it as a mountain or a wall, it still wouldn’t be enough to describe it.

From his back there were two burning fire wings spread out.

I know this man. I have seen him once, so I know.

Just remembering it makes fear well up inside of me; the strongest and worst enemy —a Demon Lord.

“Looks like you two are the strongest within this bunch of humans. Well then, let’s decide the fate of this battle as the strongest ones.”

From within the group of Demon Lords, he is the fire Demon Lord that’s considered to be the leader, Michael.

“Let’s put at stake the fate of our race that we both shoulder.” (Michael)

Meeting him meant death.

  • 263: Red hot death

Fire Demon Lord, Michael.

One of the evils that threaten this world and their leader.

That guy is standing right in front of us!

“Ah…Aaah…!” (Mirack)

Again…it is that pressure.

That coercive power that all Demon Lords possess. Just by being there, he kills the air around. A heavy and burning feeling.

When we encountered them last time, that pressure had pressed onto my back, and everyone counting me couldn’t move or even breathe.

It was the same now; I couldn’t endure a few seconds of it and had my knees fall to the ground.

“Agh…Kugh…! Aaah…!” (Mirack)

Even my lips had grown numb and my voice couldn’t come out.

Sis Kyouka was in the same state and, as if concentrating on not being crushed, she placed both of her hands on the ground and it took her all to just place strength into them.

“Damn it…Damn it!!!” (Kyouka)

The opponent has not done anything, he is simply glaring at us, and yet, we were already pushed to the brink of defeat.

“Looking at your state, it seems you are not even in the shape to fight. So you people don’t even have the right to fight me huh.” (Michael)

Michael looked at us as if we were trash and it was as if he had lost interest.

And then, the tragedy begins.



Sis Kyouka and I weren’t the only ones who had been hit by the pressure of the Demon Lord.

That coerciveness, as long as you are in a certain range of it, no matter how many people it is, it can crush you.

Ironically, the fire militants that had begun to catch up to us entered the effective range of the Demon Lord’s pressure and were instantly crushed.

Without his permission, no matter who it is, the moment you enter his domain, you can’t even move. But the despairing part came after.

In his domain, only the ones that have permission can move. In other words, his subordinates that are the fire element monsters can still move.

Now that I think about it, I now understand why this horde is filled with fire element monsters. The Fire Demon Lord is the one leading them after all.

But this wasn’t the time to think about that…

We can’t move and the enemy can do so freely.

The meaning of that is…!


“Ugh?! Aaaaah!”

The one-sided slaughter of the fire militants had begun.

The fire goats and fire wolves jumped onto the fire militants as if they were hungering hyenas and dug their burning fangs into their flesh.

Screams began to reverberate in the battlefield.

It was as if those screams were telling the only one currently standing on two feet here, the Demon Lord Michael, about its effectiveness.

“No good…! This is not good!!” (Mirack)

If this continues, after a few minutes we will be wiped out.

We have to do something!

I am the hero! The fire hero that protects Muspelheim!

That pride is the last bit of energy that fuels my strength.

Hitting my bend knees continuously, I bring back my strength. I somehow managed to stand while trembling, and turn my head to the back.

“Fire fist Barbarossa! Change my will into hell fire!! [Flame Burst]!!” (Mirack)

Flames spread through the ground as if swimming through it, and the monsters that were trotting on the ground with the intent to jump onto the fire militants and cleanly burns them down with pinpoint accuracy.


“The monsters have been burned down! I am alive!”

“A-As expected of Mirack-sama! Our hero!”

The fire militants are okay!

Of course, there’s no way all the monsters have been burned down by it, but it looks like we have secured temporary safety.

“You people!! Use this chance to get out of the Demon Lord’s range of pressure! Crawl if you have to! At any rate, just get away from the Demon Lord!!” (Mirack)

We had approached the Demon Lord until we ended up right in front of him without noticing.

It means that the pressure domain of the Demon Lord is not that far. If we get away from his territory, we can regain the freedom of our body!

“So you pushed back the pressure huh. Looks like you have the right to be my opponent.” (Michael)

I turned at that voice.

I ended up turning.

That huge body was already standing at a place that covered my whole vision.

“Michael…!” (Mirack)

In order to save the fire militants, I couldn’t pay attention to the most dangerous opponent.


By looking right at his eyes, an even stronger pressure began to attack me, and my limbs had completely stiffened.

But the enemy didn’t care about that.

After clearly confirming that I was facing him, he swings down his fist.

A big fist like a hammer was approaching me at close range, and because it was taking up my vision, it felt bigger than an actual hammer.

I am going to be crushed by this fist.

I will definitely die if I get hit.

In an instant, many things ran through my mind, but my body didn’t react at all. I couldn’t move a single finger to defend.

The fire hero died with a single attack of the Fire Demon Lord; that future was about to come when…


I was pushed to the side and was send flying.

When I turned my eyes to see what it was, it was Sis Kyouka.

Sis Kyouka had pushed me from the side.

In exchange, Sis Kyouka was in the place where I was and…the fist of the Demon Lord that was coming down was…

“Sis Kyoukaaaaaaa!!” (Mirack)

Sis Kyouka was crushed by the fist of the Demon Lord in my place.

It wasn’t a metaphor, but a reality.

Along with the sound of flesh being smashed and bones breaking, a spray of blood similar to fire colored my vision.


The Demon Lord pulled back his fist and looked at the result of his own action.

“So there was another one who could have been my opponent huh. That’s a thing of the past now though.” (Michael)

“Sis Kyouka! SIS KYOUKA!!” (Mirack)

I was unable to even pay attention to the Demon Lord in front of me and ran to the fallen Sis Kyouka.

She was covered in blood and all her limbs were facing irregular directions. Her eyes had no light, and the breathing that was barely holding felt as if it might burn out anytime.

…If Sis Kyouka hadn’t covered for me, I would have been the one ending up like this.

Sis Kyouka…!

Why…Why did you cover for me!

As a divine power user, Sis Kyouka is still the one that’s stronger!

On the other hand, Michael was looking at his own hand that was covered in the blood of Sis with interest.

“This is the blood of a human huh….. How filthy.” (Michael)

The blood that was on his hands was soon evaporated with the heat of his own body and disappeared without leaving a trace behind.

“Since ancient times, fire was apparently something used to purify filth. I wonder which one between you or us is the filth that has to be ‘purified’.” (Michael)

The battle had just begun.

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