Chapter 264: The transient braves

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The Adventurers of Origin.

That was something talked about all around the world. It refers to the people that are called the ancestors of the currently existing adventurers.

They travelled through the whole world and helped out the people, and became the role model for the brave that came after. Of hyumans and demi-humans alike.

However, their names currently remain only in a small part of the Lorel Union.

Why is that? That kind of question popped.

Just like how Rokuya-san said about it not being anything hide about, he spoke about it fluently.

But he also said that this is not something we need to talk about in a room filled with people, so he began the talk after guiding us to a space that seemed to be a secret room in this floor.

When we entered the room, I felt something strange, as if we passed through a thin film. It was something slight that doesn’t warrant much attention though.

It is probably something to make it so that even if we were to come here on our own, we won’t be able to find it or won’t be able to enter it.

Well, let’s leave aside the topic of the hidden room for now.

I am still half in doubt, but it seems like this Rokuya is actually the one from the legendary Adventurers of Origin.

In other words, immortal.

It is not that they are always awake and active, they live in a style where they wake up every now and then and move, and have been living like that for a long time.

Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t be able to imagine a life like that.

At this moment, I felt like Rokuya-san and the other people called the Adventurers of Origin are existences I wouldn’t be able to comprehend.

Living for eternity.

How does that feel?

If I were forced to choose between death or immortality, the current me would probably…choose death.

If it were longevity, it would be a different story, but immortality…

Even if I become immortal, my surroundings will definitely continue dying.

I kind of don’t like that.

“Well, and so, we ended up cooperating, and that guy Munemori not only got the trust of Root, he even married her, and founded one of the nations that would be counted as one of the five major powers, Elysion.” (Rokuya)

“There’s still quite a lot of anecdotes remaining about the foundation of Elysion, and the dragon princess that appears in those, I could somewhat understand that it referred to Root from the talks the person himself told me, but…there was no mention about Apfel(Apple), you know?” (Makoto)

By the way, this is my first time hearing that his husband was a person named Sou Mamoru.

If I remember correctly, he was a swordsman.

And after building up his country, he began liking love affairs.

…I feel like this part of his subtly overlaps with Tomoki.

But well, there was no information regarding charm, and Root said his husband didn’t have those kind of powers.

“Yeah, we were erased from history after all.”

In those days, it seems Rokuya-san’s group called themselves Apfel, which is written as Apple. <Apfel=アプフェル>

It is a name I have no recollections whatsoever.

It seems like Lorel remembered them as Apple instead of Apfel, and called them Apple and people of Apple.

“Era…sed?” (Makoto)

It sounded conspiracy-like. Ominous words.

Moreover, Rokuya-san is one of the affected parties, and yet, he doesn’t seem to be blaming anyone.

“You see, Munemori revealed it to Root. About us…more accurately speaking, about the power of our master.” (Rokuya)

“Your master’s…” (Makoto)

It seems like Rokuya-san’s group, the Adventurers of Origin, have a leader they call master.

But rather than a relationship of one being in higher standing than the other, it sounded more like another word denoting a friend.

What’s with this.

I myself…feel like I have a relationship like this.

“Not only Munemori, us as well, the heroes, and also you; when coming here, you received a power, right?” (Rokuya)

“Yes…eh?” (Makoto)

“For example; Munemori received ‘the Sword of Ambition, Desire’ and ‘the Sword of Oath, Damocles’. A cheat sword that responds to his will and becomes stronger without the need of a blacksmith, and…the sword of resolution that you make an oath and as long as you protect it, all of your abilities are raised. The second one, in the case that he broke the oath, he receives a big wound, so it wasn’t all merits though.” (Rokuya)

“Ehm…” (Makoto)

“And in my case, it is a bit special, you see. I can’t talk in detail about the second one, but the first one is a bit different from norm, an ability that links my comrades.” (Rokuya)


In other words, Rokuya-san is –no, all the Adventurers of Origin are…Wise?

And as if natural, it seems he also sees through me as well.

But what is this second one he is talking about?

In my case, I was summoned by a God, and at that time, I received [Sakai] from Tsukuyomi-sama. That’s the only one I got.

Don’t tell me, is the language comprehension of the Goddess that she jammed inside of me also counted?

Is that the second one?


“Us six came here at the same time, and noticed that we had acquired an ability. And the one who was able to exercise that ability was master. That’s why…yeah, link would be the correct understanding of it.” (Rokuya)

“Link ability.” (Makoto)


If that’s the case, at least they wouldn’t be lonely. Even if they had come to a terrible world.

But this link ability, I don’t really understand it well.

“Ah, that’s the ‘Blood Pledge, Guild Verse’. Don’t know what sort of fate this is, but we were companions in an MMO -or so to speak, an online game- we played in those days. And our abilities were connected with it. What a joke.” (Rokuya)

“…Ah, a net game.” (Makoto)

So that’s what it is.

Rokuya-san and his companions, and then there’s the master <Guild Master>.

Guild comrades in an online game.

I see.

“The details of it are…to put it in an easy to understand way for you, it would be the reproduction of the online game system. Well, strictly speaking, it is different though. In other words, from a novice, I can hunt mamonos and change my job to thief, and after that, assassin, and further after, I can decide on a specialized job…it is that kind of setup. There’s also a shared warehouse that other people can’t see, side quests, and other fine details in the ability.” (Rokuya)

It is truly a guild.

And this entered the ears of Root, and that’s how the current guild was established.

They are truly the adventurers of origin.

No lies in their name.

But from what I have heard until now, I don’t understand the meaning behind them being erased from history.

It doesn’t explain the point about the immortality either.

“In other words, it is that right? Root took the idea of the Adventurer Guild from the ability of you guys? If the information of Root’s husband was about that ability, that’s plausible but…” (Tomoe)

It seemed like Tomoe was putting it all together, but at the same time, her eyes were saying there’s more to it.

Rokuya-san silently nods.

He continues.

“Yeah. Root took an interest in the structure called a guild, and tried to replicate it. It is certainly true that she heard about Guild Verse from Munemori and got the idea. But the part that would serve as the core, in the end, she was unable to create it.” (Rokuya)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

That’s strange. In the end, he did create the guild and is the guild master.

And in present, Root is still the guild master.

“Even if she is the heavenly dragon Root that governs over a percent of the world,  as expected, there’s no way she would be able to grasp the essentials of the Earth’s pc online games. She desperately gathered information from me, master, and the other members.” (Rokuya)

“That…must have been annoying.” (Makoto)

To the point you would want to call the police.

“Nah. Even if she was a dragon on the inside, her appearance was that of a peerless beauty. The three men counting me actually enjoyed it, you know. Root was aggressive, she wasn’t as stubborn towards one person like Munemori, she let us enjoy without any hesitation.” (Rokuya)

“I…I see.” (Makoto)


Could it be, I’m quite the herbivorous?

Or is it that, Root had quite the appeal in the past?

Judging from the atmosphere in the story, not only Rokuya-san, the other two members also enjoyed it.

I am currently receiving a culture shock here.

Rokuya-san is a Wise -though I don’t know from what era he is- he must be a japanese person.

If he is a person of the Showa era, were the men of that era this indiscriminate?

In that era, did they dig in when a woman made advances on you?


“…By the way, I was born at the end of the Showa era. I don’t think our perceptions are that different, Raidou-kun.” (Rokuya)

“A…Ahahaha…” (Makoto)

Did he master mind reading?

I am blocking the magic type, and there’s no signs of him probing.

My expression as well, I have lately been able to hide the things that show on my face.

“It looks like you are not self-aware of it, so this might be a good chance to tell you. You are a late bloomer. There’s a limit to being herbivorous. It has been several years since you came to this world, right? In age…you are already over twenty huh. ‘Sleeping with somebody will only be with the person I have decided to marry for the rest of my life’, that kind of ideal is so far from reality it is close to being a delusion, you know? If you are being desired, it is fine to desire as well. That’s all there is to it, and there’s no need to think too deeply about it.” (Rokuya)

He looks at Tomoe, looks at Mio, and even looks at Shii, and then, sighs and points a finger straight at me as he said that to me.

Shii is also okay with you, Rokuya-san?

It is true that I am an adult, but that’s clearly already crimina—no, let’s leave it at that.

“No well, you see, it is been a while already, so there’s things that are just hard to advance towards…” (Makoto)

“…Are you seriously saying that? Going through the trouble of finding a partner for one night would be just… there’s two women at both your sides that are practically shouting that they are ready anytime you want, right? If you are at a lost, if it’s those two, even if it is the two at the same time, they would probably not complain, you know?” (Rokuya)

“Rokuya-san! You are going too far.” (Makoto)


What is this person saying.

I hurriedly object as I look at the two.

Tomoe and Mio are obviously angered…or not?


On the contrary, Mio was stealthily giving a thumbs up to Rokuya-san. Her face is slightly red.

Tomoe didn’t say anything, but she was nodding and going ‘Umu Umu’.

No well, it isn’t as if I didn’t know, but…in the past, the figures of Hasegawa and Higashi were definitely bigger than Tomoe and Mio.

Then, if asked now, it would be about the same, or actually…

But if we were to cross the line, I feel like a variety of restrains will be broken.

Thinking about my determination of returning to Japan wavering and disappearing…honestly speaking, I am scared.

And in reality, whether it is Rokuya-san, that Munemori person, and the Adventurers of Origin; they have all stayed in this world without returning.

“…Fuh… Sorry. It was probably not something for me to talk about. Let’s return to the main topic.” (Rokuya)

“…Sorry.” (Makoto)

“It is fine. And so, Root thoroughly researched about us and Guild Verse, but it didn’t bear fruit. However, Root thought that an adventurer guild was a necessary existence in the future of the world. Just as her attitude showed, she wasn’t the type who would obey the Goddess after all.” (Rokuya)

“Yeah, Root is like that. I think his stance is different from that of the Goddess.” (Makoto)

I can tell by the fact that he is thinking of things like thinning out the hyumans.

So Root has been like that in the past too, and Rokuya-san had noticed that way of thinking Root had.

“That’s why…” (Rokuya)


Rokuya-san slightly narrows his eyes.

“Root has already diverged from the Guild Verse system, and she is trying to make it a permanent existence in this world.” (Rokuya)

“In other words, it means that Root is trying to make it possible for the Adventurer Guild to have your ability as well?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. But for the sake of that, he needs the cooperation of the Goddess, and more than that, there’s the need for our cooperation as well.” (Rokuya)

“Right. Leaving aside the Goddess, the cooperation of you guys would definitely be a necessary.” (Makoto)

“However, the price that was asked for was way too big. You probably already have an idea but…for the sake of that, all the people related to the Guild Verse ability are required to live forever. If the Wise die, the ability goes with them after all.” (Rokuya)


“That’s why, a lot happened, Raidou-kun. By the Goddess, Guild Verse became the core of the Adventurer Guild, and we became immortal. But you see, a problem was born in this.” (Rokuya)

“Problem?” (Makoto)

‘Yeah’, Rokuya answers with a bitter smile.

“At that rate, our achievements would be way too big. Moreover, the Adventurers of Origin are immortal. I was a charismatic person in those days, you see. If I wanted to, I would have been able to become the king of a major power.” (Rokuya)

“Obviously. Receiving immortality, bringing the Adventurer Guild to this world; those are achievements that would surpass a king of a major power.” (Makoto)

“That’s why it was inconvenient for Root. Her unyielding wish was for Munemori to be the greatest brave of that time. Fufu, in the end, she beared the child of Munemori. Even if she was a Superior Dragon, it was her first time having a child. She went wild probably because of the maternal instincts that were suddenly born in her.” (Rokuya)

“Maternal instincts have nothing to do with that. That’s way too much of a selfish wish.” (Makoto)

“Hahaha, right. It is just as you say, Raidou. But this is not something that’s happening now, it is all history that was settled thousands of years already. Also, it is not the history of winners, you know? It is the history of people that are fading away. It is not something for you to be so riled up about. In the first place, I who am one of the related parties don’t feel anger towards Root.” (Rokuya)

“Why?! If what you have done is true, then that bad treatment of Root would be similar to what the Goddess did to m—!!” (Makoto)

“No matter the sequence of events and the conclusion of it, the Adventurers of Origin became a minor fairy tale of Lorel, but Root has been able to properly maintain the Adventurer Guild in this thousands of years.” (Rokuya)


“The hyumans growing haughty was in part the Goddess’ fault, and even Root wouldn’t be able to stop that, but a diverse amount of demi-humans and a narrow amount of demons have been able to survive until today. It is certain that she has been able to carry out her role in the Adventurer Guild which she fervently spoke of in the past.” (Rokuya)


Even so, there are things that can’t be forgiven as well.

Being forced immortality, and have your existence erased, that’s just…

“That’s why, the Adventurers of Origin, as well as I, have accepted most of our circumstances already.” (Rokuya)

“‘Most’?” (Makoto)

“As troublesome as it is, the one man that has to accept it the most, is still fighting against it. And so, at that time in the past, there was one kind dragon that was enraged by this, just like how you are, Raidou-kun -no, that rage was even higher than yours.” (Rokuya)


Could that be…

“A dragon, you say? I don’t think there was anyone who would be able to fight against Root in the past. At the very least, I don’t know of one.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe tilts her head.

I see.

Leaving aside if both of them have met before, Tomoe was alive at that time as well.

She learned about the Guild when she heard of it from Root, so she was probably asleep at that time anyways.

“No surprise. In those days, the other Superior Dragons aside from Root and Futsu didn’t boast much strength after all.” (Rokuya)

“As I have said, I don’t know of a dragon named Futsu-ja. It seems like it is known widely in this country, but who in the world is that-ja?” (Tomoe)

After a brief silence, Tomoe seeks an answer from Rokuya-san.

It is certainly true that the name Doma is spread in Lorel Union as well, but the name of Futsu surpassed that.

And Doma is being seen as a dungeon’s Superior Dragon, but it felt as if Futsu was being directed something like reverence.

It felt like the kind of reverence they direct to Spirits and the Goddess.

“The Ancestral Dragon of Heavens, Heavenly Dragon Root; directly opposite, the Ancestral Dragon of the Land, Land Dragon Futsu. The matchless Superior Dragons that possess the highest of powers, however, Futsu was against the creation of the Adventurer Guild, and…as a result, its power was snatched away by Root and was terminated.” (Rokuya)


“This is a matter of Superior Dragons. It is a top secret matter that would be bad if Root knew, so Raidou, please keep it a secret as well, okay? After that, its existence was thoroughly erased by the hands of Root, even more thoroughly than in our case. That was way too pitiful you see. We saved it.” (Rokuya)

“As I thought, I don’t know of it. If we are talking about a land dragon, it would be Grount, right?” (Tomoe)

“More accurately speaking, that girl is a Sand Dragon. Can’t be helped, we are talking about Root here. She probably persistently chipped off the memories of Futsu from the other Superior Dragons every time they were dormant or were reincarnating. It was probably easier than erasing the Adventurers of Origin from the history of people.” (Rokuya)

“That damn Root…” (Tomoe)

“If Futsu had acted as how it normally acts, the situation wouldn’t have gotten so screwed. In the end, whether it is people or dragons, what decides things is most likely emotions over logic. Fufu.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya-san was probably reminiscing the events of one thousand years ago, he laughs.

Even though this was their defeat.

Receiving the curse of immortality and having their existence erased from history; that’s right, it is supposed to be a defeat.

And yet, is this really something that one can look back at it a thousand years after and laugh?

I…probably will end up fighting them at the floors below the tenth.

Since they are immortal, there’s only one way to beat Rokuya-san and the others, I have no choice but to break their will.

No, Tomoe and Mio are probably already investigating this immortality of Rokuya-san.

If possible, his memories of it as well.

That’s probably the reason why the two aren’t speaking much and simply look like they are listening to the story.

There’s the possibility that there will be some sort of way to break through this situation from what they might figure out.

But…the will of people that are able to accept defeat in this manner, if I have no choice but to break it, just how am I going to?

Is it breakable?

I currently…don’t know.

I felt something heavy slowly accumulating in my stomach.

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